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1 Overview

bxp in its design is a modular platform. The training solutions to support and develop your capabilities have been built to make bxp easily digestible and quick to absorb.

2 Sources of material

A function in bxp is as simple as doing addition on a calculator. It is an isolated singular task. The documentation of functions are given their own articles here on the bxp wikipedia, called the Wixi. For most people knowing about addition on a calculator doesn't necessarily give an understanding of what addition is. You can search for any function in bxp right now and get material to explain and support it. Search the wixi

A scenario uses a situation to show how a collection of functions can be combined up to deliver a solution. This collection is for specific real world occasions. Scenarios

When there is a general area of discussion with a broad range of aspects, there are "Start Here" and Category linking articles available. Start_Here and Special:Categories

Using the analogy above, where you need to understand what maths is, rather than just addition, is where the bxp training courses come into play. Starting with general concepts and operational needs, solutions with function introductions are presented to provide best practice approaches to these areas. Training

There are a number of possible approaches to learning bxp. Dive in and learn by doing. Read material such as the training courses or view training videos via the bxp YouTube channel. For some students formal training courses offer a familiar, broad, discursive view of an area that helps best practice approach. All n One has designed and accredits a number of a formal training courses referred to as Driving Licences which provide a combination of industry best practice, with scenarios and a practical structured approach to learning the functions of bxp. Courses_available_for_bxp

3 Accreditation

Anyone can pick up a for Dummies book and learn for example Photography. Training courses are designed to explicitly speed up learning by providing guided learning. After the training is done there is an examination process to validate the correct absorption of the material. Upon successful completion of the examinations, All n One provide a number of validation mechanisms to support and confirm for the individual their success.

4 Structure

The structure of the training course and driving licence is based on the pillars of bxp. The_Pillars_of_bxp

  • 1 Pillar = 1 driving licence
  • Each driving licence is made of 5 levels
  • Each level represents a different level of familiarity with bxp and technical ability
  • Each level is made of 5 different topics
  • Each topic has an exam

A driving licence therefore consists of successful completion of 5 topics in 5 levels therefore a total of 25 exams.

The pass mark of each subject is 80%. Each exam is a multiple choice answer question

5 Driving licence course

The driving licence course is delivered over 7 days in our training facilities in Ballymount, Dublin. Where numbers are large enough, the course can be run on-site in client premises.

The driving licence is structured in:

  • 5 days of training
  • 1 day of mentoring
  • 1 day of examination

  • 1 level per day ( 5 topics )
    • 45 minutes of material
    • 40 minutes of practical implementation & test prep
    • Day opening (30 minutes)
    • Day closing (25 minutes)

Some details on the exams:

  • Each exam is given 15 minutes to be completed.
  • Each exam is made up of 10 questions with 4 answers with only 1 correct answer.
  • Each exam requires a pass rate of 80%.
  • Each question is worth 10% giving a total of 100% for each exam
  • Each exam is delivered electronically using the bxp Testing Centre module.

Once the 25 exams have been taken and passed the student will be verified to have passed the Driving Licence.

For instructor led training, even if students do not pass the course each student will receive an attendance certificate for the course.

For more information on the pricing of bxp driving licences Pricing_of_bxp_driving_licences

6 Driving Licence in parts

Where students aren't available to attend a course, there are other options. The material for each course is available to students to read and learn from in the Wixi. The structure of the material is in the same format as the course and driving licence is delivered.

Students access to accreditation for examinations is a billable exercise which is managed separately.

For more information on the pricing of bxp driving licences Pricing_of_bxp_driving_licences