MetaData Process Rules

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1 Overview

Overview Retrieve Input Process Output
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MetaData Process rules are rules that allow for the processing of raw data. There are quite a number of rules and parameters used for each rule. Below is a list of the rules and how each one is set up. There is also a link off to the reference document for that function.

2 Function List

Type Function Link
Library String Link
String Append Link
String Prepend Link
String Encapsulate Link
String Remove Numbers Link
String Strip Tags Link
String Replace Link
String Concatenation Link
String Read From Link
String Read Until Link
String Set Value Link
Library Mathematical Link
Mathematical Addition Link
Mathematical Subtraction Link
Mathematical Multiplication Link
Mathematical Division Link
Mathematical Modulus Link
Mathematical Numeric Link
Mathematical Summation Link
Mathematical Count Link
Mathematical Is Unique Link
Mathematical Group Count Link
Mathematical Group Sum Link
Library Date Time Link
Date Time Date Link
Date Time Time Link
Date Time Time Now Link
Date Time Report Time To Seconds Link
Date Time Seconds To Report Time Link
Date Time Time Link
Date Time Time To Seconds Link
Date Time ZULU Link
Date Time Day Between Link
Date Time Month To number Link
Library Data Link
Data Deletion Link
Data Remove Duplicate Records Link
Data Flag Duplicate Records Link
Library Conversion Link
Conversion Convert Data field Link
Conversion Convert Form Id Link
Conversion Convert Client Id Link
Library Cross Form Link
Cross Form Copy To Destination Link
Cross Form Cross Form Update Link
Cross Form Cross Form Insert Link
Cross Form Cross Form Update Simple/Custom Link
Cross Form Cross Form Update Smart Link
Library CCL Specific Link
CCL Specific Insert Into CCL Simple Link
CCL Specific Insert From CCL Custom Link
Library QA Link
QA Cross Database QA Fail All Check Link
Library Comms Link
Comms Email Comms Link
Comms SMS Comms Link