Making the most of a blended form

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1 Overview

This article is aimed at the medium to experienced form builder. These checks are to help you get the most out of your form and also to ensure the simple things are included.

2 Primary delivery

2.1 Primary Options

  • Give the form a useful name
  • Ensure the end date is a decent amount in the future

2.2 Vertical delivery options

  • Ensure the Move Next Record bar is turned on for testing and turned off for go live.
  • Alter the Opening to be how the phone is answers and / or to ensure that instructions on what the form is and how it is to be used are added.

3 Questions

3.1 First pass

  • Get all the questions down and into fields on the form
  • Grouping the questions into logical subsets

3.2 Grouping fields

  • Add section group questions
  • Reorder the fields using the drag and drop engine
  • Reposition the section groups to make logical sense and an easy to follow script
  • Recolour the fields to ensure the section groups are visually easy to follow
  • Check that with all the section groups closed in a script, the script fits on one screen

3.3 Logic Flow

  • Add logic to fields in each section to show and hide as needed

3.4 Usability

  • Ensure that there are notes in all of the fields where appropriate
  • Make use of eCourse and External reference linking
  • Review the opening again to ensure it still makes sense
  • Perform the "Form Validation" spell checking exercise

3.5 Inline Tabs

  • Add the inline tabs
  • Reorder the inline tab to appear just above the first section group
  • Add the section groups to the inline tab

3.6 Searching

  • Tidy up and make sense of the field mapping
  • Check the searching and dynamic searching interfaces to ensure they make sense and are useful

4 Data

4.1 Data Loading

  • Easy if created from a spreadsheet, else use your field mapping and load
  • If using an email as a data source, remember to put in a section group, add the complex email block to that section group and then into the inline tab
  • Data cleaning has the ability to do Sentence Case, make use of this everywhere that makes sense to encourage consistency.

4.2 Visual report

  • Ensure that the visualisation report draws correctly.

5 Outcomes and Work Flow

  • Use the "Flow" tab of the Form - Edit console to ensure that a visual representation of the outcomes draws correctly
  • Ensure that all outcomes are there... use the diagram to feedback to the client what's there and try drive conversation to find missing outcomes if there are any.
  • Examine the current working outcome report to see the data is in the correct status
  • Review the complete / incomplete status of each outcome and ensure it's appropriate

6 Interface

  • Use big buttons to provide links to
    • Add a record
    • Lookup a record (dynamic)
    • Current Status visualisation report
    • Work flow diagram OR Current working outcome report

7 Quality checks

8 Security

  • Grant access as required
  • Log into a test user of that type so that all access is tested.