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bxp software (bxp) can send group text messages and group emails to users of the system. The grouping of users is a simple process which uses the User Lookup screen to group the people to contact.

User Send Grouping.png

The search will return everyone if all live, training and placeholder users if the fields are blank.

Filling in details will reduce the user list to only those with those details.

For example to send to all the people in a department, select the department from the Department drop down list and then click "Lookup user". The next screen will list how many people to receive the message.

The same approach can be used for all the fields.

This does require a number of factors to be in place:

  1. - Users must have their correct email / mobile details filled in.
  2. - Placeholders will also be included, but retired will not.
  3. - If a grouping criteria is used, such as department, that users are kept up to date with the correct department information in their accounts. These details are managed through System Access Management 016.png. Users can also keep their contact details up to date through the Change "My Details" functionality in the I Want To bar at the bottom of the screen. Details available in the training doc CC-1-1 Contact_Centre_Training