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1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The primary purpose of this stage is to allow you to explore how the eCourse management console works.

There is a breadcrumb trail from when the page opens to introduce the menu on the left hand side as the way to navigate.

The "Table of Contents" provides a view of how your eCourse looks. The introduction to the book gives a hint to open the chapters to see the pages below.

The first chapter is the content supplied in the "Content" stage of the demo. There is also a second chapter added with demonstration material to show what kind of content can be delivered through an eCourse.

On the first page created by the user is a system asset which explains to the user how to upload / make their own content on the page.

This truly is an explore stage as the features and functions are made available with the blue ? Wixi buttons providing extensive documentation and support.

When the user is ready to move on, they click the red "Continue" button in the console on the left.

1.2 Background

The console makes the building and management of eCourses very simple.

There are extensive options available for the customisation and configuration of an eCourse which are too difficult to demonstrate effectively, so exploring becomes a natural intuitive way of digging into options that are of relevance to the user.

There is full formal training on using the console available in the eLearning training library. Learning_and_Development_Training

2 Common Applications and Scenarios

This part of the demo is most commonly used by users who are responsible for content at an operational / managerial level:

  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Auditor
  • Business Development Manager
  • Clinical Documentation Specialist
  • Document Contorller
  • Document Control Manager
  • Document Control Specialist
  • Document Control Supervisor
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Human Resources (HR) Administrator
  • Instructional Designer
  • Learning and Development Specialist
  • Legal Document Clerk
  • Project Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Technical Support Manager
  • Trainer
  • Training & Development Manager
  • Training Instructor
  • Training Manager

3 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q = Question
  • A = Answer
  • L = Relevant link (if applicable)

  • Q = How do I create a chapter
  • A = Go to the table of contents page, click the + icon beside the book name. Please remember a chapter only displays in the Table of Contents when a page has been added.

  • Q = How do I add a page
  • A = Just use the + icon to the right of the chapter name, give your page a name and click add at the bottom of the page.

  • Q = How do I create content
  • A = There are numerous ways of creating content. A good place to start reading try ECourse_-_Content_Types

  • Q = How do I make my content look pretty
  • A = This is a big question as there are many options available. The simplest answer is to give us a shout on +353 1 429 4000 and see how we can best help you. If you fancy a bit more research into the area then there are a few great resources available on the Internet. ECourse_-_Styling_Content

4 Modules Demonstrated

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Related Articles
047.png eCourse For accessing all eLearning materials in a Book, Chapter, Page format Module_-_eCourse
048.png eCourse Management The building and management of all eLearning materials delivered through the eCourse module Module_-_eCourse_Management

5 Further reading