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1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this part of the demo is to introduce the structure used by bxp software (bxp) for managing eLearning content.

By capturing a Book, Chapter and Page title, the content is created.

1.2 Background

eLearning is made up of a number of tools in a virtuous circle of improvement. Train - Test - Feedback.

The first part of this circle is to deliver the training. This training is done through the eCourse module. The eCourse module uses a structure based on the SCORM model.

Many different providers implement the SCORM model but few systems are as easy to manage and manipulate as bxp. A business requirement for bxp was that it was easy to create structures into which existing content could be put. Control and distribution of this material then also needed to be very easy.

Every Book, Chapter, Page and Asset of material has its own unique identifying number. These reference numbers can easily become the basis of ISO documentation and can help standardise documentation throughout an organisation.

In 2010 All n One won an award for the eLearning aspects of bxp from the CCMA. Best New Product or Service to the Contact Centre Industry.

2 Common Applications and Scenarios

There are a number of scenarios to which eLearning can be applied

3 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q = Question
  • A = Answer
  • L = Relevant link (if applicable)

  • Q: Are there limitations to what can be uploaded?
  • A: No. bxp will accept any uploaded content. If it is possible to display the content in-browser it will render the HTML based on the file name extension found.

  • Q: What if I have very large files / lots of files?
  • A: bxp supports SFTP file transfer of large volumes and varying sizes of files for quick eCourse creation.

4 Modules Demonstrated

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Related Articles
047.png eCourse For accessing all eLearning materials in a Book, Chapter, Page format Module_-_eCourse
048.png eCourse Management The building and management of all eLearning materials delivered through the eCourse module Module_-_eCourse_Management
041.png Testing Centre The delivery of tests, quizzes and examinations in open and closed question format Module_-_Testing_Centre
054.png Conference Centre An online chat tool, that uses text based communication to allow groups of people to collaborate (Synchronous conferencing) Module_-_Conference_Centre

5 Further reading