Customer Effort Score

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Customer Effort Score or (CES) is the current trend in measuring your customers opinion of your business.

There are a number of good articles explaining the subject available in the public domain.

Net Promoter Score : [1]

customer effort score : [2]

Forrester Research Communities: Customer Effort Score : [3]

Are you stuck on the delight the customer merry-go-round? :[4]

bxp software implements a specific CES question type and report which can be integrated into Outcomes, for real-time communication with the customer or can be sent as part of marketing campaigns to do market research on your customers.

The scores feed into a central customer record, so every time an agent creates a case, logs a record or does an outbound with the customer they can see instantly the NPS score, the CES score or both from the last interaction with the customer.

This ability gives the agent huge forewarning as to what kind of reception to expect and also to be able to leverage the situation to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

You can read more about how bxp can implement CES for you HERE: Net_Promoter_Score