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Net Promoter Score is a way of grading how much your customers think of you.

There is a lot of documentation on the Internet as to how this system works, so we won't waste time discussing it here. Here a few really good links if you fancy doing some background reading.

bxp makes implementing a net promotion scoring system or a customer effort score, a walk in the park, through a number of different mechanisms.

bxp visualises a score using unique and easily identifiable iconography.


1 Step 1. Outcome driven response.

An outcome in a campaign script, has the ability to send HTML template emails to customers complete with personalisation. This personalisation can include a unique code to identify the customer and the interaction had with the customer to generate the email. The email can contain a "clickthru" marker, which also allows you to send the customer to a form / page / product on your website. For scoring purposes this email will provide a clickthru to a survey. There is no wrap up for the agent to perform and the email is delivered in real time to the customer, so your agent can even check if the customer has received the email.

2 Step 2. The survey.

Often "Survey Monkey" or other easy to implement surveys are used. These can sometimes lack the personalisation and professionalism of a customised and branded survey. bxp allows you to host the survey on your website. bxp draws the questions and content so for the designers ALL the code is done for them. The submission part will feed the results directly back into bxp from your website. So in just 2 HTML pages, you can have a personalised form, with direct data feedback into bxp. The power of this, is that when the customer finishes the survey, the data is instantly available to bxp and can be actioned immediately. So for low scoring customers and mid score customers, an organisation can perform immediate corrective action.

3 Step 3. Reporting and Analysis.

bxp uses an organogram to group users into teams, departments, areas,etc. As the scores are linked to individual agents bxp can present the scores by individual, by team, or by all. Grouping options in bxp reporting allow ANY form of custom group to be created and the score for those records that fit in the group can be calculated. So... if you capture the data.... score by customer area, by products used, by time of the day they were dealt with.... ANY form of data can be used as a group.

4 Step 4. Ongoing live feedback.

When a customer rings in, their last score can be visualised to the agent so they know exactly what kind of customer they are dealing with and can seek to improve the score of the customer.