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1 Copy and Pasting from Microsoft Office

The HTML Editing area used throughout bxp HTML_Editing_Area is capable of producing results similar to Microsoft Word and other tools such as Outlook and Excel. There is however a challenge when attempting to copy and paste from these tools in the HTML Editing area.

To recreate the issue, create a word document, put in some text and use different fonts, sizes and styles (bold, italic and so on). Copy the text and paste into an HTML area in bxp.

Clicking on the "Code" button at the bottom of the window reveals the extensive amount of extra <mso tags that Word adds to the copied text.

In order to remove this extra formatting paste your content into Notepad or a similar tool first to get rid of the tags, before attempting to paste into the HTML editing area.

2 The Euro Symbol

The Euro Symbol(€) is a source of pain for a lot of systems, especially web based ones.

The basics of most text is based on ASCII. The American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This provides 127 characters, some visible like the alphabet and others are control characters. It was invented in 1960, released in 1963 and revised again in 1986. In short the Euro symbol didn't exist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII

Exceptions need to be added to compensate for the character. There are a lot of exceptions! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euro_sign

So in HTML you have to put an alternative code in (there are a few choices):

  • &euro;
  • &#8364;
  • &#x20AC;

bxp has been programmed in such a way as to compensate wherever possible for the symbol. In drop down lists it presents a particular challenge.

In bxp we use a custom format for populating drop down list contents.

So if we wanted three items...

As can be seen, if we put a Euro symbol in the middle of this construct, the ; will break the structure.

To compensate for this there are a number of alternatives. Using EUR as three letters instead will always work.