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Client Functional Security Content Security HR
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1 Overview

Functional Vs. Content access is discussed here. Function_Vs._Content

2 Content Management

Content access in bxp is managed for the following modules.

Module Icon Content Keyword Content Access Keyword
Appointment Diary 027.png Diary diary
Form Management 038.png Form form
Form Management 038.png Security Group to Form securitygrouptoform
Form Management 038.png Outcome outcome
Voting Management 055.png Choice choice
Conference Centre 054.png Conference Room conferenceroom
Control Bar 056.png Control Bar Button controlbarbutton
eCourse Management 048.png Book - Read bookread
eCourse Management 048.png Book - Edit bookedit
eCourse Management 048.png Book - Chapter bookchap
eCourse Management 048.png Chapter - Read chapread
eCourse Management 048.png Chapter - Edit chapedit
eCourse Management 048.png Chapter - Page chappage
eCourse Management 048.png Page - Read pageread
eCourse Management 048.png Page - Edit pageedit
eCourse Management 048.png Asset - Read assetread
eCourse Management 048.png Asset - Edit assetedit
eCourse Management 048.png External eCourse - Read ecourseexternal
Gamification 035.png Scheme scheme
KeyStats 036.png Workbook workbook
KeyStats 036.png Tab tab
KeyStats 036.png Stat stat
LogicFlow 058.png Tree tree
Control Bar 056.png PowerBar powerbar
Project 050.png Project project

3 Managing Content

From bxp Release 10 SER 2 all content access management can be controlled and granted from the System Access Management module. Functionality will remain in the respective modules for the foreseeable future.

It is also possible to manage content access using Security Groups Security_Groups_for_managing_security