Bxp Release 10 SER 3 prerelease notes

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1 Overview

bxp Release 10 Service Enhancement Release 3 has no set date for release yet. Cooperation and collaboration with clients is currently in progress.

Planned updates moved from SER2 to SER3 are included here. There are a host of further changes also available as part of this release.

2 Existing Module Updates

Module Icon Total Changes Link
Communications Manager 006.png 3 Changes Bxp_R10SER2_-_Communications_Centre
Data Profiling 061.png 1 Change Bxp_R10SER2_-_Data_Profiling
Form Management 038.png 7 Changes Bxp_R10SER2_-_Form_Management
KeyStats 036.png 5 Changes Bxp_R10SER2_-_KeyStats
Project Manager 050.png 6 Changes Bxp_R10SER2_-_Project_Manager

3 New Modules

3.1 Expenses Management 019.png

The Expenses module in bxp jargon is the logging of costs incurred as part of the delivery or a project. An expense is logged to an individual and requires that individual to be reimbursed by the business.

Expenses are associated with a project.

Expense items include entries such as mileage, subsistence and operational day to day costs of smaller one off purchases for the business.

Expenses will also support an administrator approval engine


3.2 PO Module 031.png

The Purchase Order (PO) Management module allows for the management of Purchase Order requests, approvals and tracking. Where significant purchases are to be made by a business a purchase order management approach allows for sense checking of purchases by management.


3.3 Scheduler

The scheduler module will deliver in conjunction with Time Tacker and Appointment Manager the ability to plan staff hours and allocate them in advance.

The module is in concept stage and is being worked through with a client to deliver specific requirements.

The primary challenge in the development of this module is the development and application of the resource allocation algorithms

As bxp moves towards being able to offer ERP solutions, the schedule features as a key stepping stone in this development https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_resource_planning

4 Engine

4.1 Scheduled reports plan

Scheduled reporting will be moved to W3 and Db2 to reduce operational load on W1, W2 and Db1

4.2 API Tester Engine

Currently testing the API engine requires an external solution to poll the bxp servers. To make testing the interface more controlled and generate consistent repeatable results, an API testing interface will be developed.

This interface will be developed using PHP and live on the www.bxpsoftware.com public webserver. The interface will be available to all to use and provide sample code.

4.3 API Hamster Report (Moss and others)

To make API support easier hamsters generated by the API engine will be interrogate-able and searchable. This interface will initially only be available to internal All n One staff with the interface on refinement being rolled out the System Access Management module.

A new section for API support will be provided in the System Access Management module.

4.4 System Wipe function

This tool will purge all data and accounts from the ww5 or live environments as required. The tool will require a special code only supplied by All n One staff to allow a client enact the removal of all their data.

This tool also will help to reset testing environments where experimentation or training is required.

4.5 Big reports plan

Where are a report is identified as working on a very large data set, e.g. > 10,000 CDA records, the report will be generated on W3 and Db2 in a scheduled fashion. When the report has generated it will be available in the Report Library module for collection. An email notification will also be sent to the user that the report is ready to collect.