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1 Overview

This document forms part of the bxp Release 10 Service Enhancement Release 2 suite of changes found here Bxp_Release_10_SER_2_prerelease_notes

1.1 Project Manager 050.png

1.1.1 Layout changes

Project details have been updated from

Was Becomes
project admin was.png project admin becomes.png
  1. Grouping added to make location easier.
  2. Summary now used for report generation
  3. New field Icon added to Summary details to allow for pictorial display of Projects in selection screens
  4. Communication takes settings related to notifications in and out for the project.
  5. Assignment and Historic maintained for backward module compatibilities with the Task management module

1.1.2 Costing

The time tracker engine is being expanded to support the application of costs against the various units logged.

The solution will allow three primary data additions to be done per time tracker entry.

  • Unit cost
  • Sales price
  • Margin

The billable flag will also be used for tracking sales price. The engine will also accommodate confirmation / approval, to sense check numbers before reporting.

The costing will allow group to specific unit cost application. Costs for

  • By Time Unit (1 hour, 30 mins, etc)
  • By Project (Different rates per unit by project are possible)
  • By Day (By day allows weekend and bank holiday rates to be applied)
  • By Work Type (allows different rates by different activities)
  • By Staff (allows the rates to be different by resource used)

1.1.3 Project Costs report

The project costs report will have 4 sections and delivered by time period

There will be options on the two preceding options selection pages.

  • Page 1: Time period and project
  • Page 2: Section selection and include costing reporting information

The report itself will be in 6 sections

  • Section 1: Project overview
  • Section 2: Tasks by period
  • Section 3: Time Tracker report
  • Section 4: Expenses report (mileage and subsistence report)
  • Section 5: PO report (for large preapproved purchases)
  • Section 6: Exception costs report

The report will have security to those with project access only. The report generation will be logged in the System Audit log for security reasons.