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1 Overview

This document forms part of the bxp Release 10 Service Enhancement Release 3 suite of changes found here Bxp_Release_10_SER_3_prerelease_notes

1.1 Time Tracker 020.png

1.1.1 Confirmation Engine

A number of extensions are being added to the time tracker module.

One of these is, by project, if hours have to be confirmed by a manager. This allows a safety check before billable hours are applied to clients.

Mass confirmation ability will be part of this engine.

Confirmation can be applied on a project by project basis.

1.1.2 Limit project and work type by Costing

This engine will add intelligence by user, to only allow users to log data for projects they have access to AND where they have had pricing set up for them against the activity.

This allows greater control of project by work type by billing control for reporting purposes.

This setting will be centrally controlled in Project. There will be a flag by user to allow specific user only limitation.

1.1.3 Scheduling

The output of the scheduling engine will manifest that the hours in Time Tracker will be prefilled with a user having the ability to edit as their day progresses.

Actual scheduling will be done by a new module called Scheduler and the interaction of the output will be supported by Time Tracker.