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1 Intro

Thank you for taking the time and interest to become a bxp consultant.

In order to get you up and running there are a few resources which will greatly help your efforts.

2 Getting set up

The very first step is to get a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place to allow discussions. We provide a generic NDA for convenience. If stronger / more detailed NDAs are required All n One are happy to review them. File:AllnOne Generic NDA v2-0.docx

For more information on our branding, getting logos and our style, please review The_branding_of_bxp

Understanding the pricing model available is explained here: Bxp_System_Pricing

Upon start your contact will perform the following actions:

  • You will receive an introductory email with links to all the primary resources. File:Intro Creds Deck v3-16.pdf
    • Creds deck: The first resource is our creds deck which you can tailor by removing the slides which aren't relevant to your presentation.
    • Pricing: Next to help is the pricing Excel sheet. This will be emailed to you directly through your contact in bxp.
    • Anecdotes: When doing a presentation real world examples are always useful. We provide a number of anecdotes again which will be emailed to you directly through your bxp contact.
    • General Process: We provide a general approach for your introduction processes which can be discussed with your bxp contact.

  • Your contact will need to confirm some details:
    • Name.
    • Contact Number.
    • Your email address (to be used).
    • Your LinkedIn account.
    • Primary target geographies.
    • Your confirmed understanding of the Ts & Cs of introducing bxp.
  • You will exchange the "Marketing Agreement" which forms the basis of the relationship.
  • From these your contact will:
    • Confirm bxpsoftware.com email addresses.
    • Confirm business card requirements.
    • Confirm marketing materials requirements (pop up stands, packs, etc.)
  • Your contact will construct a company introducing email to be circulated to everyone in All n One. Anything you can provide to help your contact introduce you would be appreciated.
    • This email introduction will cause log ins and email addresses to be constructed for you.
  • It can also be useful to arrange an introduction visit to meet the team.
  • From here weekly calls / meetings for updates will be arranged between you and your contact.
    • On your first call, a prospecting form will be built in the All n One instance of bxp for you.

3 Your own development

Learning bxp is a massive and can sometimes be daunting. Please remember that there is an entire development and training team waiting to help.

To get you started if you want to learn more:

  • Our public website gives great case studies for business application of our solutions http://www.bxpsoftware.com/
  • To get a hands on experience of how bxp actually works, try our demos https://ww3.allnone.ie/demo
  • The scenarios we provide give general overviews to how bxp can be applied to real world scenarios Scenarios
  • Read the training material at the first level CC-1-1 through CC-1-5 for the Contact Centre Contact_Centre_Training
  • Read the training material at the first level LD-1-2 through LD-1-5 for eCourse, Learning and Development Learning_and_Development_Training
  • From here please contact us for what direction you would like to go in and we'll be happy to point you to the right material or organise a training session