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1 Primary Interaction

bxp software (bxp) is a pure software as a service solution. This means that everything you access is done through the Internet and there is nothing to install on your machine.

There are three primary ways a person can interact with bxp.


  1. The first is for users to log into the secure website through a link such as https://ww3.allnone.ie/client/client_demo/main/login.asp
  2. The second is through the bxp_API bxp_API which logs you in automatically. This is used when bxp is integrated with other tools that require automatic login such as phone systems
  3. The third way is through another provider who builds a system to system link. This is used when external websites or mobile apps are integrated with bxp.

Every system will have their own unique URL to indicate users, functionality and security for that system. Some examples are:

2 Modules

When you are logged into the system, the system is broken down into functional Modules. For a list of the modules available The_Modules_of_bxp

Each module provides functionality on a related topic. For example the System Access Management module 016.png provides all of the security functionality for the system. Whereas the eCourse module 047.png provides functionality around eLearning and reading eCourses and online books.

The modules available in your system are ditacted by the contract agreed when you buy the system. Unlike other systems, when a module is avilable to a system, it is possible for every user to have access to that module for no added cost. When you purchase a module it is potentially usable by all users in your system.

3 Sections

Each Module is then broken down into Sections. Each section is a further refinement of the functionality by grouping operations logically. There are usually three areas of grouping

  • General Administration
  • Managerial Functions
  • Reporting

Here is an example of the functional groups of System Access Management module.

CreateAUser 007.png

Using the System Access Management module, when creating or editing a user, it is possible to grant access to a module and specific sections within that module. This allows you to have very specific control over what functionality a user can actually access.

CreateAUser 006.png

4 Function Vs. Content

Within each module there are different types of content. For example in eCourse, you can have many eCourses and Books. Not all users will require access to read all the books.

  • Functional access = to read a book
  • Content access = which books can be read

For more information on this : Function_Vs._Content

For more help please contact support@allnone.ie or phone us on +353 1 429 4000 option 2 for more information.