Bulletin for bxp users - 2015-10-22

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1 Welcome

The bxp bulletin is aimed at bxp users and it provides a round-up of our news for the last week.

If you have any hints, tips or suggestions you'd like added to our newsletter please let us know. bulletin@bxpsoftware.com

2 New

2.1 Functions

038.png There is further information on what Adding a Question within Form Management does. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=Form_Add_a_Question

061.png 036.png New FusionCharts updates and capabilities. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=FusionCharts

000.png bxp interface and login security configuration. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=CC-2-1_Security_and_Custom_Interface_configuration

038.png Email Campaigns. bxp has the ability to add Auto Send/Receive functionality to the scheduling engine. If this function is added to the scheduling engine it removes the previous need for a web browser to be open. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=BEmail_(_Email-2-Campaign_)_-_Auto_Send_Receive

038.png Outcomes can be ordered numerically or alphabetically. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=Ordering_Outcomes

036.png KeyStat listing engine has been updated to make it easier to manage.

  • Main Menu > KeyStats > KeyStat Administration > KeyStat - Edit >

030.png SMARTER Template modifications now possible.

  • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit > Choose Quality Form > Quality Options from console on the left > Support Options > SMARTER Custom Layout

3 Fixes

3.1 Hamsters

048.png Group add users by Asset listing function fixed.

3.2 Logic

000.png Client Dashboard reporting change. Support and Billable hours now links through to Time Tracker Module reports providing breakdowns of hours associated to individual projects and work items. Bxp_Client_Dashboard_Report

038.png 041.png Console for examination now points to test, not inbound contact

000.png bxp api Documentation 7-4-3 fixed

000.png bxp api Documentation 7-4-4 fixed

000.png bxp api Documentation 7-3-12 fixed

3.3 3rd Party Newsletters

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