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1 Intro

So what does the All n One Marketing Department actually do?

They provide coordination for all the marketing activity of bxp.

2 Channels

Marketing channels.png

Using traditional sales channels our marketing efforts are channel focused.

2.1 To distributor

This is working with our distribution partners to deliver bxp globally. Bxp_Consultants_and_Distributors

We are currently working with a number of organisations including Enterprise Ireland ( ) and Inter-trade Ireland ( ).

2.2 To retailer

This channel is in development

2.3 To consumer

Our digital marketing strategy has been developed in conjunction with Continuum with support from Enterprise Ireland.

Continuum ( ) are a full digital marketing service provider who provide all of our

  • Public website design services
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web site analytic
  • User eXperience Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Public Responsive Web Design
  • Marketing Web Development
  • Social Media design & management
  • Analytics & Tracking

3 Partners

We also engage with a number of other partners for provision of our marketing services.