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eir approached us with the challenge of not being able to evaluate the value of a mobile customer in call. This was particularly serious when the client had called into customer care asking to cancel their account, or they were being called proactively for retention purposes.

It meant that no measured and approved process was in place to define what the agent could or could not offer to any given client



We built a CRM system, referred to as The Retentions Calculator, and populated it with customer records.  One of its primary functions was to flag up customers whose contract was due to roll over within a given number of weeks.

The calculator was able to identify (using the mobile number as the unique identifier) the risk and value of the client and provided the agent with a set of offers appropriate to the customer risk and value. It was also designed to encourage the agent to use the offer that, whilst still satisfactory to the client, had the lowest cost impact for the company.



The functionality of bxp is extremely flexible and even when it doesn’t meet our exact needs the development team is very skilled at matching our specific requirements.  I have been involved in a number of system deployments and find that using bxp is easy to roll out, extremely configurable highly adaptable.  We have a great working relationship with the team and as a result of this and the flexibility of the system we have rolled out bxp across the organisation.’

Leah Ivers, Head of Business Enhancements, eir