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FMI look to bxp for CRM efficiencies

The Challenge

FMI is Ireland’s leading Field Management Agency, and has been working for leading brands and corporations in Ireland since 1995.

FMI payrolls over 800 employees weekly, each of whom are trained and clearly briefed to ensure that they deliver each brand’s unique corporate style and brand guidelines to the finest detail.

The Solution

FMI chose the bxp platform as a standalone and as a CRM system, and the system is very much appreciated by staff within FMI who use it regularly.

The Benefits

Valentin Putanu, IT Manager of FMI, points out that the true value of the bxp software lies in the fact that it’s regularly used. “We like the system, and we also like the fact that bxp are very agile, with a flat management structure that makes dealing with them very easy.”

‘In many ways, we’re just as interested in the people as the product. They provide great support to match a great price, and they’re always just a phone call away when we need them. I can definitely recommend the team at bxp and am certain that we’ll be working with them for many years to come.”