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All’s Well At The Mater Private

Operational staff at The Mater Private are constantly seeking ways to improve the client experience. Not only in terms of health care but at every contact point.

They have been using bxp as a contact management system since 2015 and the initial configuration meant an immediate enhancement in customer service. In 2017 the decision was taken to tap into more of bxp’s capabilities by using it to deliver additional KPI data with which to inform their decision making and improve work flows.

Hugh Healy, Project Manager, COO Office at The Mater commented

We have been using bxp as the backbone of our call centre management for some time now. We recently developed a new strategy which required complex KPI tracking and entirely new workflows. Aiden Rice and the team worked tirelessly to understand our requirements and deliver above and beyond what we needed. Their insights and understanding helped us create a best in class solution for call management that integrated with our phone and administration systems seamlessly.