What browsers does bxp work on?

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BXP is platform independent i.e. it works on PCs, Laptops, Servers, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and games consoles.

BXP is delivered using an Internet browser and is designed and tested with all the major browsers in mind. BER 8 SER 2 has been tested with:

1 Microsoft Internet Explorer

Versions : IE 5.5+

The BXP team keep a constant eye on updates and developments.

The hole in SSL3.0 has meant that the bxp solution can only support TLS 1.0 and greater. This is a manual setting in IE6 and previous. Please click here to see our guide on "Poodle" for further information Security_-_Poodle

2 Mozilla Firefox

Versions : Firefox 3.5+

BXP will be compatible and able to use the new features of the planned releases of Firefox.

3 Apple Safari

Versions : Safari 3.0+,

Although Apple has stopped releasing Safari for Windows we continue to check back against 5.1.7. We also use Mac as part of our development suite using the latest versions of Safari.

4 Google Chrome

Versions : Chrome 1+

5 Opera

Versions : Opera 3+

6 Other browser applications and plugins

With the correct content software installed, BXP can deliver any format.