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Main Menu > Data Profiling > Instant – Visualisations > Visualisation – Quality – Current Status report > Choose your Quality form > Choose your options

This report is tailored specifically for use with Quality forms.

The first screen:

Quality display 01.png

If you do not set a date and time, all assessments for all users are included.

The focus of the date and time is then set by looking at the Created Date Time of the assessment or at the date and time that the Assessment was performed.

If you need to limit the report from All to look at a specific Security Group, Department or User, just select a user. The report can only show one or the other. If you select multiple options the system will:

  • Show all if none selected
  • User if selected overrides Security Group and Department, i.e. only the user selected is shown in the report
  • Department overrides Security Group, i.e if Security Group and Department are selected, the Department is shown in the report.

The easiest thing to do is only select one option at a time for simplicity.

The second screen, will draw the results.

Quality display 02.png

The top line of the report indicates how many people were assessed which is included in the report.