Using the Assigned To field

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1 Overview

At the bottom of a form, there is the ability on an outcome by outcome basis to use the "Assigned To" field.

This field is used in conjunction with callbacks to create a Reminder for a record but have it allocated to someone else to do.

The system uses the Security Groups found in the Organogram in order to create the contents of the drop down list.

The drop down list will be blank if the current user is not found in one of the groups explicitly given.

So to set up the Assign To option correctly, a member can only assign to another person for people in the same Security Group as themselves.

2 Enabling Assigned To

The first step is to create the security groups. This is discussed in Organogram_with_Group_Profiling

With the Groups properly created we then want to assign them to the form. For the grouped reporting, it is possible to use the parent of the security tree and the system will perform the lookup to find out which branch the user is in. To ensure separate explicit group listing is possible without going back to Everyone listing, you must explicitly add each security group to the form. This gives you the control to allow only certain groups to allow "Assigned To" callbacks.

Main Menu > System Access Management > Security - Content Access > Form - Add Security Groups to Form > Add each Assign To group separately.

Next you need to turn the Assign To on for your chosen outcome.

Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Outcome Manager > Outcome - Edit > Choose your form > Choose your outcome > Callback - Reminder / Appointment > Has "Assigned To" = True and Has "Date/Time" for Callbacks = True.