Updating a group of records within a form

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1 Overview

From time to time, after a form is created and data loaded, it can become necessary to do a mass update on subsets of the data. There are a number of approaches to accomplishing this.

2 All Records

This function allows a field in a form to be mass updated with a specified value.

Main Menu > Form management > Form - Data Cleaning > Mass Update - Single Field Update - All records > choose the form >

The function regardless of the record will update the field with the value supplied.

  • Choose the field
  • Set the value to update with

3 All Records - With Set Value

Main Menu > Form management > Form - Data Cleaning > Mass Update - Single Field Update - All records - With Set Value

Now if you only need to update a subset of the data you can specify some simple criteria. The function works on the basis, of update Field X with the value X where Field X has the value Y.

  • Please select the field to update : Field X
  • Please enter the value to match on for the replace : Value Y
  • Please enter the value to replace current contents : Value X

4 SMART Update

For complex updates it is often easier to manipulate the data externally to bxp in for example an excel spreadsheet.

The first stage is to extract the data so you can manipulate it. Data_Profiling_-_Instant_-_Export

Export CDAs complete is the function required.

Edit your data in the spreadsheet as you require.

Then you can reupload the data and use updated spreadsheet data using a SMART update Form_-_Data_Import#Smart_Update

Please note

  • The field you should match on is the CDA Id field as that is unique to each record.
  • Remove columns of data from the spreadsheet that you do not need to update
  • Remove rows of data from the spreadsheet that don't need to be updated.
  • If you're working on an important data set, please contact the bxp support team and we can make a quick backup of your form before you perform your changes in case you need to roll back due to mistakes.
  • Ensure that the option of update from Spreadsheet is chosen in the function parameters
  • Also ensure you choose "Do NOT blank" records if no data is found.

5 Conclusion

If you need any help with this or similar functions please don't hesitate to contact support@bxpsoftware.com or call us on +353 1 429 4000