System Events reports

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1 Overview

System Events reports are a set of reports based around the Hamster engine of bxp Meet_the_Hamsters

There are three reports in the family. All can be filtered by time. Please note that these events are only stored on a rolling 6 month basis. If you wish to keep the information for longer please capture the data on your own local storage.

2 Hamsters

For 404 (White: Missing data) and 500 (Green: error message) hamsters. Given the size of the actual data captured a button is provided to allow click through to see the full body of the data captured.

3 Help ME!

When a user uses the Help Me! button in the I Want To bar, all events are recorded and available through this report for the last 6 months.

4 Suggestion

If a user submits a suggestion through the I Want To bar suggestion box, then these will be available in this report for up to 6 months.