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In System Access Management when administering users, it is useful to have flags to help understand the reasons why a user has an account and the HR / position of the user within the organisation.

bxp facilitates a Role field which is often use to carry the job title of the user.

This field is for reporting and grouping purposes only. A user can only have one role.

Role can also play a useful part of UAM controls. UAM_-_User_Access_Management

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management >

  • Profile Role : Lists all users with a specific role
  • Add Role : Adds a role type to the drop down list when editing user details
  • Edit Role : Allows the title of a role to be updated
  • Delete Role : Allows a role to be deleted. The default role of General can never be deleted for system integrity reasons. i.e. there always has to be at least 1 role.