Software Consideration

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1 Considerations

When choosing software All n One consider many different aspects before deciding.

1.1 RAM & Processor Usage

When choosing software All n One review the performance of the software versus the overheads such as the Ram and Processor usage. Multiple software of the same kind are compared this way to try and find a good balance between the overhead and performance,

1.2 Customer Reviews

Before choosing software customer reviews of the software are taken into consideration. This helps provide an unbiased view on the product and highlight potential problems that may have been hidden otherwise.

1.3 Cost

Cost of the software is also looked at as All n One wish to get the most out of the required software cosrt is taken into account along with the other areas.

1.4 Relevant

The most important part for choosing software is making sure it is relevant to what is needed, and performs the correct course of action.

1.5 Approval

Before purchase of software the CTO is notified and will give his professional opinion on the required software, he must approve the chosen software before it can be bought.

1.6 Purchasing

Software goes through a set purchase order to apply to All n One policies and procedures