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1 Overview

A blacklist is an explicit list of excluded passwords. Blacklists are useful to improve the security of passwords. As computers get faster and stronger, password after password can quickly be fired and using common passwords is an easy way to break into systems.

bxp has an ever growing list of commonly used passwords.

Here is a good resource on which we've based the start of the build of the engine. [1]

2 Your Blacklist

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > System Password Blacklist >

The large box on the page allows you to add your own blacklist passwords, separated by commas.

The master list is maintained by the bxp security team. It is possible to test passwords against the master list by using the tester line. The result of a test returns the Id number within the database where that password is found.

At the bottom of the screen the system lists how many passwords are in the database. Please note that you don't need to repeat system blacklist as they will be blocked by default.

password blacklist 001.png