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With bxp software (bxp) in the System Access Management module 016.png there are a number of security reports within the Security Reports section.

Main Menu > System Access Management > Security Reports > Login Report - Last Login

One of these reports is the Last Login Report. This report allows for a number of reviews of the logins to your instance of bxp.

The report can be sorted using a number of criteria by clicking the headings and sorting arrows:

  • Id: This is the Id of the users and can be used to show the order in which users were added to the system.
  • Department: This sorts by the Department Id rather than the Department Name
  • Name: This sorts by the surname then firstname of the users.
  • Status: This sorts by the status, then the department, then surname then the firstname.
  • Last Login Date / Time: This sorts by the last login date / time, then the department, then surname then the firstname.