Security - IP Locking

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1 Overview

For more information on what IPs are and their usage please see here. What_is_an_IP_address_and_what_is_it_to_bxp

There are two levels of white listing

  • System Level
  • User Level

2 System Level

This is a bxp support team managed setting. Send your IP white list to the bxp support team and we apply the IP whitelist to your system.

This approach ensures compliance for all user accounts.

Without any ability for users to compromise this security it acts as a strong security capability for any bxp client.

3 User Level

To set a white list IP to a user main go to Main Menu > System Access Management > User Administration > Edit User - Security Details > Lookup the user > Select the user > Primary Security Details > IP Range

You can use ranges in this as well as single IPs Security_-_IP_Ranges

4 Mass application of User level IPs

There is an engine to group add IP white listing to users.

  • Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > Group User - Modify Details > Group the users >
  • At the top from the drop down list choose IP Address Range
  • In the box put in the IP address and / or ranges.
  • Select the users to apply the change to.
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose "Save and continue"

5 Checking IPs

It is possible that what you think your IP is and what it actually is, are different. On the login screen if you're getting an IP restricted login error message, look to the footer at the bottom of the page. Choose "Debug Information".

On this page you can see the IP address that bxp received as part of your login attempt.