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1 Overview

Where security is a concern in an environment where an authorised user must be in front of the machine, it can be useful to have an auto log out ability.

There are numerous ways to secure stations, especially ones capturing sensitive data.

If the device you are using is not capable of being locked, bxp offers an alternative through the "Force Inactive Logout"

This option, will cause a pop up window after X period of time when a window / page is presented. E.g. after a page has been on screen for X minutes, a prompt is displayed which, if the user does not click anything, will automatically log the user out of bxp.

Security auto logout.png

If the user clicks the message the timer is reset to the full amount. If the page changes the timer is reset.

2 Important usage notes

This solution is ideal if the user is engaged with a single window / tab at a time. If multiple tabs are open, other tabs can cause the user to be logged out if they are not also interacted with.

If this is used in a contact centre environment, where long calls can occur, this option can prove frustrating to users as it can reappear numerous times throughout a single call.

If the system does auto log the user out, NO INFORMATION is saved and any information entered into fields on screen will be lost.

3 Enable Force Inactive Logout

To enable the option for a user is is done on the security details of their account.

Main Menu > System Access Management > User Administration > Edit User - Security Details > Lookup the user > Select the user > Primary Security Details > Force Inactive Logout > Set the time (in minutes) > Scroll to the bottom and click "Update the user"

A time of 0 means the feature is not used. All other numeric values are in minutes.