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This option allows for records / contacts to be created directly from another form in bxp.

The option for setting the type is done from Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit > Choose your Form > From the console on the left choose Quality Options > Load Options section > Create From

There are a number of key settings to be considered:

Load from: Form - This is the form that the assessments will be created from.

Form Load: Use - This is the use of records (CDAs) or contacts (CCLs). The most usual type is contacts, as this would be QA on a call. It can be also useful to perform QA on an entire case, though this may involve contacts from numerous people. A contact, will only be for one person. A record will use the last person to interact with the record to limit by.

Reduce loaded - A person may have numerous contacts to load. This option ensures that only a set sample size of those contacts are taken.

Include From and Include Until - This sets a time window on which to limit the inclusion of records / contacts. If using contact, this will be the end date and time of the contact. If using record, this will be that last date and time the record was interacted with.

Duration From and Duration Until - Every contact has a duration. If using contact, this limit will only consider contacts that are between specific durations. Leaving the Duration From at 00:00:00, will include all contacts. If using record, this value is not applied, as a case can span days or even months.