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If assessments are preloaded, i.e. there is a list of assessments to be processed, how are those assessments shared out to the assessors.

There are a number of strategies available:

  1. First Come
  2. Equal Distribution - All
  3. Equal Distribution - Not my Group
  4. PreLoaded

1 First Come

This strategy means that when the assessor sets to performing an assessment, they will be presented with the next available assessment. This is similar in operation to the outbound contact module method of "Take Next Record" management

2 Equal Distribution - All

This strategy allows for records to be equally distributed to all assessors. The system will go through each assessment and sequentially allocate (in rotation) the assessors to the loaded assessments. This ensures the fairest distribution of assessments to be performed.

3 PreLoaded

This strategy assumes that the loaded assessments are already flagged for the appropriate assessors and no distribution mechanism is applied.

4 Reassigning assessments to other assessors

After assignments have been allocated it may become necessary to reallocate untouched assessments to other assessors that have not been completed yet.

To do this, view the current assignments.

Main Menu > Data Profiling > Instant Scores > Scores - QA - Assign - Allocations > Choose your form > The "Reassign To Do" button allows for reallocation.

This feature is available from the Phase 3 - Assign > Review Assessments button from the Quality Form Console.