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1 Overview

Scenario Quality Assurance in bxp Quality Forms Quality Steps (CLAPS) SMARTER plans
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1.1 What is a SMARTER plan?

A SMARTER plan is a personally tailored training program for a bxp user that is created based on the questions that a person doesn't score top marks on when a quality assessment is done on them.

The solution involves:

  • Identify the checks for your quality control
  • Associate training to deliver each check
  • Score the checks with different weights

When a person is assessed, if they don't achieve the maximum score, the system will add the associated training to the SMARTER training plan.

  • SMARTER plans record if a person has accessed the training
  • SMARTER plans provide managers with feedback and auditable tracking to see if the plans have been followed.

1.2 Where to SMARTER plans fit into the QA Cycle

Quality Assurance in bxp is based around an approach abbreviated as CLAPS.

  • Create : a quality form
  • Load : assessments to be performed
  • Assign : the work to quality assessors
  • Perform : the quality control checks
  • Support : the people on whom the assessment was done.

As part of the Support approach, © SMARTER plans are self directed learning plans based on QA assessments.

2 Setup

In order to deliver SMARTER plans a few things need to be in place.

  • You must have a form built that is of type "Quality"
  • You must have questions in your quality form
  • Those questions must be linked to training material either eCourse or externally
  • The questions must have weightings, where a score of at least 1 or more is required
  • Within the quality options SMARTER plan support must be enabled
    • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit > Choose your Form > From the console on the left choose Quality Options > In the Support Options section on the right find "Support Options" and set it to SMARTER and the SMARTER Compilation to True.
  • You must perform some assessments and achieve less than optimal scores

SMARTER plans only generate after the SMARTER support option is turned on and an outcome is used on the assessment. Mass re-scoring will not cause mass recreation of SMARTER plans.

Once the assessments are performed, then there may be SMARTER plans to deliver.

It is possible to do multiple releases of SMARTER plans however it is generally recommend to do them once all QA assessments for the period have been completed and reviewed.

3 Releasing the plans

There are two ways to release the plans. Directly and through the Form Management console.

  • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Choose the form > From the console on the left, scroll to the bottom Phase 5 - Support > Push SMARTER Plans
  • Main Menu > Quality Assurance > Quality Assurance Functions > Support - Distribute SMARTER action plans > Choose the form >

The screen will present all of the SMARTER plans to be sent out.

Putting a tick option beside each plan will push them to the relative person.

4 Retrieving the plans

For a user to retrieve their SMARTER plan

Main Menu > Quality Assurance > My SMARTER plans > My outstanding SMARTER plans

When a plan item has been clicked, it is removed from the outstanding plans. It is possible to find previous plans that have been clicked.

Main Menu > Quality Assurance > My SMARTER plans > My completed SMARTER plans > Choose the date/time range when the items were first clicked