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1 Overview

Forms are versatile ways of storing data. Simple data entry forms allow users to complete requests forms and don't need the full power of a form for "most" of the users.

Public forms are a handy but very limited way to make forms available to a multitude of users.

A placeholder account can access forms in this way for no cost. Placeholder_Accounts

2 Making a form public

For these examples we use client_demo as the instance name.

Firstly create the form. Start_Here_-_Building_your_first_form

Now with the form built, you need to make it "Externally available" Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Advanced Settings > Choose the form > External section

  • Externally Available: Set it to Public
  • Public Outcome: This is the outcome that will be executed when the form is stored.

The term Public means that the security to the form is opened to users outside specific content access. It does not mean EVERYONE can log records in the form. It means

  • bxp API can access the form, with valid permissions and explicit content access
  • Placeholders and all bxp users can access the form through Form and Case Management or through the main/userForms.asp page.

Scroll to the bottom and click "Update". Your form should now be available to all users of your bxp instance.

3 Accessing public forms

There are two ways to view what forms are public.

3.1 Case and Form Management

The clue is in the title. These public forms are accessible from:

Main Menu > Case and Form Management > My Forms > Submit a Form

All of the forms available will appear in the drop down list.

3.2 main/userForms.asp

This page is the same as the Case and Form Management page but doesn't require access to the Case and Form Management module.

Generally users will create special links on the Main Menu to help navigation to the page.

The example link you would customise for your instance would be

4 Limitations

  • Placeholder users can access public forms but won't have the power of choosing outcomes.
  • There is no user by user security on public form. All users can access all public forms.
  • Custom JavaScript and AJAX will not be rendered properly
  • The public versions of the form are simplistic and not design to be extensively controllable

5 Security Checking

There are a number of programmatic methods available which allow external viewers learn what forms are potentially public. These engines are used for troubleshooting and quick development solutions.

This provides a listing of all forms potentially available through the API.

This provides a number of intIds

To retrieve the body of the form where XXXX is the Id of the form

The resulting output is the HTML of the form. You would replace lxxx with the < symbol and the gxxx with the > symbol

Though the structure and fields of the form are externally available there is no way to insert data into these forms through this method.