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From time to time you will come across an Adobe PDF document which you would like to be able to edit. Unfortunately for your purpose, unless you have Adobe Acrobat ( http://www.adobe.com/ie/products/acrobat/pdf-editor-pdf-files.html which has a monthly fee ) you will not be able to edit the document.

There is an alternative available. It is possible for some computer programs to read a PDF and have a "best guess" and generate a Word document from that best guess. It is not a perfect process by any means but it can yield usable results.

The better news to this is that conversion can be done for limited conversions for free. There are two options usually seen with these solutions:

  • Upload your PDF to them, the convert and send it back. It is important to note that you are uploading a document to the internet as you do this. If the PDF contains sensitive information for your organisation, this probably isn't the service for you. For most documents from the public domain, this service is really useful.
  • Alternately, you download their software, for a price, and do the conversion on your machine.

1 PDF Online


This website will allow you to upload a file and get back a word doc. Make sure you've noted the terms and conditions of the service.

2 Nitro PDF to Word


As above however the file will be emailed back to you. This gives them your email address for marketing purposes.

3 ConvertPDFtoWord.net


Another one but more of a focus on getting you to download the software and use it locally. Which is definitely better for sensitive documentation.

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