Outcome - Reassign

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1 Overview

In bxp, it is possible to update the outcome on a number of records. If you want to change the wording of an outcome or replace it completely then this will be particularly useful as it will update all of the records on the CDA and CCL table.

2 Using the Function

Navigate to Form Management -> Outcome Manager -> Outcome Reassign.

Outcome Reaasign1.png

Select a form from the menu. The following page will contain two dropdown menus.

Outcome Reaasign2.png

In the first dropdown menu select the outcome you want to replace. Any active and inactive outcomes that have been used will appear here.

In the second dropdown pick the outcome you would like to replace it with. All active outcomes will be listed here. The two dropdowns may display different outcomes as a result. After making your seection, press the "Log" button at the end of the page. All of the records on the CDA and CCL table will be updated.