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1 Overview

There are a number of fields of information stored about every user account that can be used for HR, system support and personal choice configuration.

2 PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

The following fields and data are associated with your account. This is your information which you keep up to date.

If you stop using bxp your account will be retired and your information will be removed on a company basis according to properly agreed schedules in compliance with GDPR and Data Protection laws.

2.1 Fields Displayed

These fields are chosen by the HR department of the company who employs All n One to manage your bxp platform. The choice of fields and options are dictated by the company who provides you with your loging.

All n One are not responsible for any of the fields or data chosen to be managed by the company.

All n One cannot alter or update any details or provide details under any circumstances in line with Data Protection and GDPR law.

2.2 Profile Picture

In a number of places in bxp, namely HR, Security and Gamification your profile picture may be applied in reports and on screen dashboards. It is possible to updated your picture from two places.

  • My Details > Edit Profile Picture
  • Main Menu > System Access Management > User Requests > Profile Picture

Your photo will be resized automatically to a smaller version to ensure it fits properly on screen and in reports.

2.3 Contact Information

Please ensure your mobile number and email address are correct if you wish to receive SMS updates and email updates from BE.

Primary VOIP details will usually be provided by your System Champion The final contact details are for HR record purposes only.

3 Accessing your details

1. Go to the Main Menu

2. In the “I Want To” bar click “My Details”

There are a number of fields for reference. To change any of the reference fields, please contact your System Champions. The reference fields are:

  • Title
  • Firstname
  • Surname
  • Department
  • Role
  • Cost Centre
  • Is System Champion
  • Is Approved Contact

Click the “Update my details” button to save the changes.