Moving chapters between books

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1 Overview

Quite often it can be necessary to move an entire chapter and all its pages from one book to another. bxp has a handy facility to quickly move chapters between books.

2 Operation

  1. Main Menu > eCourse Management > Book Management > Move Chapter from one Book to another Book >
  2. Choose the Book which has the chapter you want to move.
  3. On the following screen,
    1. Select the chapter to move
    2. Select the book to move the chapter into
    3. Decide if you want to move the page views to the new book (see considerations below)
  4. Click the "Move Chapter" button.

3 Considerations

If you've had a chapter in a book for a while, people will look at the pages. These pages are associated with Book1. You have two choices. You can keep the page views and move them into Book2. Alternately you can delete these page views.

If you have linked a page in the chapter being moved, the link will no longer work. i.e. Book 1-1-1. Gets moved to book 2. i.e. Book 2-1-1. If you have links to 1-1-1 this link will no longer work.

4 Quick adding pages to a chapter

The most efficient way of mass adding material for an eCourse is to upload files via sFTP and create the book from the files uploaded. Create_an_eCourse_through_SFTP. Once done, this function can allow quick movement of a created book / chapter from the uploaded files into an existing book.