Mass List Editing

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Mass list editing

There is now a quick way of updating drop down lists within a bxp campaign.

Step 1: Create your list

  • Create your list in Excel. Don’t forget to sort it.
  • Select the column you want to add into bxp.
  • Copy the column (Ctrl and C)
  • Don’t worry about spaces, commas or anything else. Leading and trailing spaces will also be removed.


Step 2: Load the list into bxp

  • Log into bxp
  • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Question Management > Question – Answer Values – Mass Edit
  • Choose the campaign with the List to update
  • Choose the list / checkbox / radio question to update
  • From the “Processing Type” drop down list choose Excel
  • Delete the entire contents of the Answer Value Data box.
  • Paste in your new items (Ctrl and V). It should look something like this


Step 3: Test

  • Test the load has worked by logging a record in the campaign and checking the contents of the drop down list.