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1 Overview

When looking up a record in bxp there is a number of lookup engines available. "Lookup an entry - Dynamically" provides a real time AJAX lookup engine to help faster searching in a more dynamic way.

This article explains the setup of a this dynamic engine.

Please note that changing these settings also affects the settings of the "Lookup an entry - For Edit" and "Lookup an entry - For Listing"

lookup an entry dynamically 001.png

2 Set up process

Log in to your instance of bxp and Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit > Choose your form

First part is to make sure your field mapping is set up correctly using "Field Mapping Management" from the console. Form_-_Field_Mapping_Management

Now, using "Search Fields" we are interested in the two columns available.

  • New Status: This column refers to IF this is a data field in the result data.
  • Show on Lookup: This column refers to if the field is a searchable field.

So, setting all of the fields to false initially means not much will be presented. So turn on all the fields you want to be able to search upon (this is done in the second column).

For all of the data fields you want returned when you search, edit the first column and set to true the fields you wish to see.

Do not forget to go to the bottom of the page and click "Update"

Now you have the search fields and data fields decided, we can use the tool.

3 Using the Dynamic Lookup

Main Menu > Inbound Contact > My Data > Lookup an entry - Dynamically > Choose the form

Your search fields will be displayed at the top and there will be no data below.

Simply type into the fields at the top and any matching data below will be displayed in a live lookup manner.

4 Next Steps

There are a number of extensions and updates to these searches which can be facilitated. Feel free to get in touch to share your ideas and thoughts on the engine at support@bxpsoftware.com