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1 Overview

The latest news shows all of the information centre items that have been added that the logged in user has access to.

2 Customisation

Recently the ability to resize the latest news on the home screen of the system has been added.

The normal height of the latest news is 400 pixels.

LatestNews FullSize.png

To change the height of the latest news follow the below path:

Main Menu >> System Access Management >> System Management >> System Settings

Scroll down to the User Interface section and then change the Latest News Height field to be a number, if this is left blank it will default to 400 pixels.

In this example the height will be set to 200 pixels

LatestNews Setting.png

Once this is set, click Update settings and then go back to the main menu.

The latest news will then look like below.

LatestNews Small.png

The height is the only feature that can be resized