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A KeyStat Tab allows for multiple KeyStats to be combined into a single report.

The tab is laid out in HTML. A notation of --X-- is used to signify where each KeyStat is placed in the report.

A worked example:

Two KeyStats are created:

1. All users in the system: Select count(intClient_Id) as intTotalUsers from Client


2. All live users in the system: Select count(intClient_Id) as intLiveUsers from Client Where intClient_Status = 1 or intClient_Status = 2


In our KeyStat Tab, we create a HTML table as follows:

<table id="table1" style="width:100%;">
		<td bgcolor="#ff0000" width="50%" height="30">All System Users</td>
		<td bgcolor="#ff0000" width="50%" height="30">--1--</td>
		<td bgcolor="#00ff00" width="50%" height="30">Live System Users</td>
		<td bgcolor="#00ff00" width="50%" height="30">--2--</td>

Which would look like


The report then generates as: