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1 Overview

KeyStats represent an amazing tool for being able to generate wallboards and other real time information displays. The generation of the key statistics that it uses can take some time to render. Where an environment has lots of areas displaying the same key stat output, this means an excessive amount of calculations are done. KeyStat mirroring is an integrated caching engine which reduces processing overhead.

2 The process

  • Turn mirroring on (detailed below)
  • From now on only a mirror will be drawn back to the user when they load the key stat page.
  • Another machine requests the keystat
    • Is mirroring turned on? Yes
    • Is there a snapshot? Yes
    • Is the snapshot recent enough? Yes
    • In this case, the page is not drawn, the snapshot instead is drawn

But wait, now that mirroring is turned on how can I refresh my page so the mirror stays up to date.

The answer is simple, a new function has been added to Key Stats that will allow a new mirror to be created.

Main Menu >> Key Stats >> Operations >> Display KeyStat Workbook report - Render

When this option is selected, select the key stat workbook as normal and a new mirror will be created.

This page will also only show a mirror if a workbook has been rendered before the time allotted for a refresh has passed.

3 Turning on mirroring

Mirroring is seamless. It can be easily turned on and off and the settings experimented with.

Main Menu > KeyStats > KeyStat Administration > KeyStat - Workbook - Edit > Choose your Workbook > Scroll to the bottom.

  • Use Mirroring : True | False
  • Mirror Refresh Rate : Time in seconds

Use Mirroring as true is how the engine is turned on.

The mirror refresh rate is not to be confused with the page refresh rate. This is the timeout window for a snapshot. i.e. your refresh your page every 20 seconds. your mirror refresh rate is 60 seconds. That means at 0 seconds (the first time the page loads) the keystat draws, at 20 and 40 seconds, the Mirror will be drawn.

If you edit any settings of a KeyStat tab the time and snapshot will be emptied and redraw on next keystat tab load.