IP Black Listing and White Listing

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1 Overview

IP Blacklisting is a two stage process of process of identifying and then refusing access to specified IP addresses.

These IP addresses are from computers attempting to perform illicit activities. Usually negatively towards the product or service.

bxp maintains blacklists of machines attempting to break in, disrupt service or other negative reasons.

These black lists are added in a number of places.

  • The HTTPS engine of bxp software, i.e. refusal to all instances of bxp.
  • The SFTP engine of bxp software, i.e. refusal to all SFTP instances of bxp.


In bxp it is possible to add limiting of users to Whitelist, but not Blacklist.

bxp maintains Blacklisting in its core engine. This is not configurable by end users.

User who are put onto the blacklist (or not present on white list) will be redirected to the bxpsoftware.com public website website upon attempting to login to the client instance of bxp. The redirect website can bxp configured by the system champion.


Blacklisting is managed server side as per the instructions here: [1]

We currently have implemented a white list for our SFTP. This only allows users to access our SFTP system if they are located on the white list for the SFTP server while also possessing valid login credentials