How To Create an eCourse

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1 Introduction

An eCourse is a framework that stores information usually for the purpose of training or operational support. The information is stored in the form of a Book, Chapter and Page. Each page can contain quite a bit of information in a broad range of formats, including text, images, audio recordings, multimedia, PDF documents, and Word Documents, to name a few. Each Book can have multiple chapters and each Chapter can have multiple Pages. When uploading content in any format, this is displayed at the Page level. In order for a Book to be visible in the system, it must have content attached to at least one page.

  • Module Name: eCourse and eCourse Management
  • Icon: 047.png and 048.png
  • Area: eLearning


  • Centralised auditable reference material delivery
  • Career path development using integrated testing
  • Compatability for numerous devices and technology combinations
  • Reduction of dependence on classroom based training
  • Secure Student View isolates operational work and still allows staff to study from outside of the work environment
  • Cross company manageble sharing
  • Vast amounts of support for media types
  • Ability to generate resellable training material into other bxp systems
  • The core of any compliance solution
  • Real-time updates for the entire organisation
  • Enables massive reduction on printing and paper-based material

2 Creating an eCourse - Using the Console

The first step before using the console, is to create a book. This can be done by following Main Menu | eCourse Management | Book Management | Create a Book . The following link provides an explanation of what you will see there;

Once the Book is in place, the fastest and easiest way to create the rest of the eCourse in bxp is to use the console. This is reachable through Main Menu | eCourse Management | Book Management | Book Console . Simply follow the steps, and you will have your eCourse created in no time at all! To reach the console folow Main Menu | eCourse Management | Book Management | Book Console . More information on these functions can be found at

3 Creating an eCourse - Assets

All information added to a page is referred to as an Asset. You can have more than one asset on a page. This could be a combination of text, images and video (or any combination thereof).

To find more information on how to add an Asset to a page, please click on the following link:

4 Creating an eCourse - Final Steps

Once your eCourse has been created (with Book, Chapters, Pages and Assets added), the final step is to make it visible to users of bxp.

By default, the author of a book already has both read and edit permissions, but for anyone else, permission must be granted.

Read permissions are for those users that simply need to access the information contained in the eCourse. Edit permissions are available for those people whom you wish to be able to change information in the eCourse.

NB This is not recommended for everyone.

To find more information on how to Grant Permission for an eCourse to users, please use the following link:

PLEASE NOTE: This function is available through the eCourse Console, mentioned above

5 Other eCourse Resources and Articles