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1 Form Management Menu - Forms

The Form Management Menu is a very important module for a System Champion. Here, you will build form/scripts within the BE system.
In Form – Primary Management, the system champion can:

  • Add a form
  • Edit a form
  • Copy a form
  • Form - Search Display fields
  • Set up an external form

1.1 Add a Form

  • Give it a descriptive, unique name.
  • Choose if the form will be:
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Blended
  • Choose the date the form will be available from and the date the form will be available until.
  • It is important that the available until date is set to a date in the future to avoid the form becoming unavailable unexpectedly due to an expiry date.

1.2 Edit a Form

  • Choose the form you wish to edit.
  • Edit the incorrect information from the fields displayed on the screen.
  • Update form.

1.3 Copy a Form

  • Choose the form you wish to copy.
  • Change the name for this form to differentiate between the two.
  • Copy Form
  • This will copy the exact contents of the form, including the security access of the users.

1.4 Form - Search Display fields

  • Choose the form you wish to display fields.
  • Choose the fields from the list displayed on the screen.
  • The fields you choose, will determine what will appear when you lookup a record.
  • For example, if you choose Name and Phone No. from the field list, when you lookup a record, those fields will appear on screen.

1.5 Form - External set up

This is an advanced technical procedure.
Access to System Access Mangement and Form Management are required.
Security Setup

  • Ensure the form you want data to be stored in, is up and running.
  • Create an Outcome to allow the external form log data.

Form Management -> Outcome Manager -> " & const_Name_Outcome & " - Add -> Select the Form -> Add the Outcome

  • Edit the Form and in the Security Section, set Externally Available to "Public" and then choose the Outcome under which external records will be logged.

Form Management -> Form Primary Management -> Form - Edit -> Select the Form -> Security section -> Externally Available
Form Management -> Form Primary Management -> Form - Edit -> Select the Form -> Security section -> Public Outcome

  • Create or decide upon an external system user in System Access Manaegment who will be marked as the creator of these new records. Set the External System Id and Key, which are the username and password that will be used for the automated login and logging of external data.

System Access Management -> User Administration -> Add User - Security Details Only -> External System Id

  • Ensure this user has access to the form that will be storing the records

Form Management -> Form Security Access -> Form - Single - Add - User to Form

  • Get the IP address of the server where the external data will be captured and apply this to the user account using System Access Management

System Access Management -> User Administration -> Edit User - User Details -> Find the User -> Business Details Section -> IP Restriction

External Page Setup

A form, outcome, user and security are now set up to receive data. Now we need to create the public pages. Two pages are required. To help you generate these pages please use the page generation engine below, which will create the key HTML code for your external pages. They can then be modified as required..

  • Form page - To speed up the development of the form page, bxp software can generate most of the HTML code for you. Some formatting and styling will still be required.
  • Landing page - A landing page is far more generic, but needs to be able to handle error return codes.
  • Testing - Place your new form and landing page on your webserver and test.

This ends the Form - Primary Management tutorial. The next section is Form - Question Management.