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1 Overview

There is an additional type of quality header called Quality Header Extended. From July 2015, it will be used by default on all quality forms when they are created. The header contains information which is vital in the delivery of the QA module. It also contains additional hidden information which can be manipulated through javascript.

2 Structure

Not all fields show all the time. The below image displays all but one row.


The following fields are common to both the old quality header and the extended quality header:

X = The Form / Campaign Id

Y = The Question within the form

  • strCDA_X_field_0_Y = Person, the person being assessed
  • strCDA_X_field_1_Y = Assessor, the person performing the assessment
  • strCDA_X_field_2_Y = Created Date Time, the date and time the assessment was added to the system
  • strCDA_X_field_3_Y = Assigned Date Time, the date and time the assessment was allocated to an assessor
  • strCDA_X_field_4_Y = Assessed Date Time, the date and time the assessment was performed.
  • strCDA_X_field_5_Y = Coached Date Time, if a coaching approach is used, this records when the coaching was performed.
  • strCDA_X_field_6_Y = Coached By, if a coaching approach is used, the person who did the coaching
  • strCDA_X_field_7_Y = Score, the detail line showing the total score achieved for this assessment
  • strCDA_X_field_8_Y = Threshold, based on the QA forms pass mark, will have the word pass or fail after an assessment is performed
  • strCDA_X_field_9_Y = Form, if a form based assessment creation is used, the form from which the assessment was created
  • strCDA_X_field_10_Y = CDA, if a form based assessment creation is used, the CDA Id of the record from which the assessment was created
  • strCDA_X_field_11_Y = CCL, if a form based assessment creation is used, the CCL Id of the contact from which the assessment was created
  • strCDA_X_field_12_Y = External Ref, if the assessments were created externally this field can hold a reference to an external system, file, case or document.
  • strCDA_X_field_13_Y = Origins Score, The original score given to the record being assessed, e.g. a NPS score or CEF score. Used for comparisons
  • strCDA_X_field_14_Y = SMARTER plan, the custom built plan based on not full score answers.

The following fields are only present in the extended quality header:

  • strCDA_X_field_15_Y = Separated Score, a numeric value representing the assessie’s score
  • strCDA_X_field_16_Y = Percentage Score, the assessie’s score displayed as a percentage
  • strCDA_X_field_17_Y = Points score, the total number of points scored by the assessie.
  • strCDA_X_field_18_Y = Total, the total number of points available.
  • strCDA_X_field_19_Y = Fail All, a numeric value which will be a 1 if a fail all rule is tripped or a 0 no fail all rule has been tripped.
  • strCDA_X_field_20_Y = Department, a string displaying the assessie’s department.
  • strCDA_X_field_21_Y = Role, a string displaying the assessie’s role.
  • strCDA_X_field_22_Y = Organogram, a string which holds the assessie’s organogram, if there is more than one then it will display the most recent group.
  • strCDA_X_field_23_Y = Cost Centre, a string which will display the assessie’s cost centre.
  • strCDA_X_field_24_Y = Staff Id, a numeric value for the assessie’s Id

The following fields will be empty by default and will only be accessible by javascript code:

  • strCDA_X_field_25_Y = CDA, Type
  • strCDA_X_field_26_Y = Contract
  • strCDA_X_field_27_Y = Call type
  • strCDA_X_field_28_Y = Sub call type
  • strCDA_X_field_29_Y = Duration
  • strCDA_X_field_30_Y = Future Use 1
  • strCDA_X_field_31_Y = Future Use 2
  • strCDA_X_field_32_Y = Future Use 3
  • strCDA_X_field_33_Y = Future Use 4
  • strCDA_X_field_34_Y = Future Use 5

When displaying the header in a script, it is broken into rows for display convenience.

  • Row 1: (0,1,13) Person, Assessor, Origins Score
  • Row 2: (2,3,4) Created Date, Assigned Date, Assessed Date
  • Row 3: (7,8) Score, Threshold
  • Row 4: (9,10,11) From Form details
  • Row 5: (12) External Reference
  • Row 6: (5,6) Coaching date, Coached by

3 Transfer/Populate Function

There is a function located in Form Management which allows users to transfer information from an old section header to the new extended header on the same form. This allows users to update their old QA forms to include the new header. The function can be found in Form Management -> Question Management -> Question-Quality-Transfer QA Block Information.

QA TransferBlock Menu.png

The first dropdown list will contain all the old quality headers in the form. Select the header which contains the information to be transferred. The second dropdown list contains all the new extended headers which appear on the page. Select the header you want the information to be transferred to. After you click Submit the information will be transferred and the new fields in the extended header will display correctly.

QA Transfer Function.png

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