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1 Overview

There are many ways of creating scripts in bxp software (bxp). Creating from scratch and copying forms are two very common examples. Creating from an Excel spreadsheet makes life very simple if you have a block of data to load.

Often a contact centre or business process outsourcer will start with a word document which contains questions and numbered headings to allow a discussion and review of the script before any building work is done. To help this approach bxp has incorporated a text formatting basis to allow Word documents to become the basis for building forms.

2 Existing Form - Mass adding

There is no mass adding of questions as such, but the question addition engine has been optimised through the Form console to automatically return to add a question immediately after one has been added.

Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit > Choose the form > Question Addition

Where using a closed question type such as Check boxes, Radio buttons, List / Menus, the system will direct immediately to allowing for changing of the options. When you're finished adding options, simply click the "Question Addition" button on the left to continue.

3 New Form - Building an example

The easiest way to generate an example for mass entering questions is to build one from an existing form.

Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Content Validation > Choose the form > Download the RTF document

Here is an example of some content

Q 3: Prospect Owner
N: The owner of this client

Q 4: Introducing Agent
• 	Person 1 (UK) [StaffId01] 
• 	Person 2 (UK) [StaffId02] 
• 	Person 3 (UK) [StaffId03] 
• 	Person 4 (UK) [StaffId04] 

Q 5: Is a bxp software client?

Q 6: BE system link
N: Click the button to the left of go to this system

Any line that begins with a Q will be converted to a question. As the system has no way of telling what type of question, all questions created in this manner will initially be text boxes.

Any line beginning with an N under a Q line will be added as a note to the previous Q question.

4 New Form - Creating the questions

To create the questions in the form, you can copy and paste the above to see what will happen.

Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Create from Word Document >

  • Set the type of the form
  • Give the form a name
  • Choose to remove the leading Q will strip the Q from the start of each sentence.
  • Questions is where you paste the content
  • Click "Create Form"