Form - Outcome Manager

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In the section Form - Outcome Manager, the following functionality occurs:

  1. Add an Outcome
  2. Edit an Outcome
  3. Delete an Outcome
  4. Copy an Outcome

1 Add an Outcome

  • Choose the form.
  • In the Basic Details sub-section, provide a Value and a Description for this outcome.
  • In the Display Category, please select either Complete or Incomplete.
  • This will determine where the Outcome will appear in Set the Current Working Outcome, i.e. Active Outcomes or Finished Outcomes.
  • There are many other sub-sections that can be used when adding an Outcome.
  • For example:
  1. To make fields in a form mandatory, the Validation Rules sub-section can be used.
  2. To email or SMS users either internally or externally from an Outcome, use the Internal and External Communications sub-sections.
  3. To create a Reminder or an Appointment from this Outcome, use the Callback - Reminder / Appointment sub-section.
  4. To make credit card transfers using an Outcome, use the Instant Transfer - Realex Payments sub-section.
  5. To transfer records from one campaign to another, use the Instant Transfer - Campaign sub-section.
  6. To create logic branching within this outcome, use the JavaScript sub-section.
  7. To create a mail merge, use the Mail Merge sub-section.

2 Edit an Outcome

  • Choose the form.
  • Choose the Outcome you wish to edit.
  • The Outcomes primary details will be displayed on the screen.
  • Change the details that need editing.
  • Click on Edit an Outcome.

3 Delete an Outcome

  • NOTE - It is not possible to delete an outcome out right.
  • If an Outcome was to be deleted, all records that had that Outcome would be deleted as well.
  • However, by Editing an Outcome and changing the Active status to False, the Outcome will not appear on any scripts going forward.

4 Copy an Outcome

  • Choose the form.
  • Choose the outcome from the list displayed on the screen.
  • Change the name of the outcome in the value and description text boxes.
  • Copy the Outcome.